Footpath repairs start

by westfield on 25 November, 2018

Ensuring that footpaths are in good condition has been a key campaign from the local Westfield Lib Dem Councillor team. We are pleased that a long standing complaint about the condition of the footpaths at the junction of Grange Lane, Askham Lane, and Ridgeway (around the bench and the inclines up to the main road) are set to be resurfaced next month.

Notice for footpath resurfacing

A letter has been issued to nearby residents about work which will start on 4th December but not all households in the area will have received this so we are putting this on our website.

Letter to nearby residents

Map of footpaths to be resurfaced

The work by local councillors to improve other footpaths in the area continues, and these improvements will focus attention on the rest of Ridgeway and Acomb Green where we have also been pressing for improvements.




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