Councillors check on Salt Bins

by westfield on 31 October, 2018

Your Westfield Liberal Democrat Councillors have been busy checking on the salt bins in the area that need refilling, and have pressed the council to get on with the filling up where they are empty.

Salt bin Marston Avenue junction with Chapelfields Road

Several salt bins are supported by the Ward Committee, many having being brought back from Labour’s cull when they were in power.

Salt bins Westfield Ward

We have asked that Ward Committee and Housing supported grit bins are added to the on-line map, these include the ones at Gale Farm Court, in front of Vyner House, at the end of Grove Terrace, by the junction with Ridgeway cul de sac.

Sadly one salt bin (junction of Grange Lane and Bramham Road has been partly filled with concrete during the year and so we have asked that this is dealt with). We have reported some broken bins for replacement as part of the programme.

Salt bin with concrete Grange Lane/Bramham Road junction

Full salt bin bottom of Parker Avenue

Information on the Winter Maintenance Programme is available on the council website  and updates on the gritting work is available on twitter

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