Pressing for improvments in Chapelfields

by westfield on 6 September, 2018

Westfield Ward Councillors have been pressing for improvements to the area on behalf of  residents. One of the longest campaigns has been to tackle the broken fencing along the snicket between Grange Lane and Parker Avenue/Walton Place. Finally progress is being made with the replacement of broken fencing which collected litter, and had been regularly vandalised.

Broken fencing BEFORE

Snicket fencing being installed September 2018


New Dog bin Grange Lane

Old dog bin Grange Lane

New dog bin Bramham Road


But there are other areas  that need attention. Andrew has written again to  Virgin to ask them to  take responsibility for their cable box on Bramham Road – and surely making it more  secure would save them  money in the long run !


Virgin cable box broken again !


Cllr Sue Hunter asked at the York Full  Council  meeting on 19th July why the flat on Bramham Road (behind the bus stop) had  been boarded up for so long (first reported by councillors in January as needing to be tackled). The response from the council was that the contractors who repaired properties ‘needing extensive work’ were unable to cope with the demand, however, a completion date of mid August was given. We have asked again and we are now told that a new tenant has picked up the keys and the boards will be removed shortly . Residents had been asking why it was not  being used for all this time and so the team will continue to  press for homes to be brought back into  use as quickly as possible.


Flat boarded up for many months

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